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A Message to Service Providers

Thanks for stopping by. Many service providers are committed to providing family-centered care and services. However, even the most family-friendly providers often overlook brothers and sisters. Thanks for being a provider who knows that special health, developmental, and mental health concerns affect all family members!

While you’re here on our website, here are a few things you might want to check out:

Learn more about Sibshops and where they can be found. Sibshops are lively events for brothers and sisters of kids with special needs. With an emphasis on wellness and fun, Sibshops give kids a chance to meet other sibs, play outrageous games, talk about the good (and not-so-good) parts of having a sib with special needs with others who “get it” and have even more fun! There are hundreds of Sibshops in eight countries! Read a summary of a University of Washington study about the lasting impact of Sibshops.

No Sibshop in your community? and we can discuss possibilities. Sibshops are an affordable way to demonstrate your interest in the well being of the family members who will have the longest-lasting relationship with people who have special needs.

Attend one of our workshops or a Sibshop training (even if you don’t want to run a Sibshop). We guarantee that you will think it is time well spent and you’ll learn—and laugh--a lot! It will also change how you look at the families you serve. We’d love to conduct workshops at your agency. Write to us and we can discuss details!

Read our often-requested papers:
“What Siblings Would Like Parents and Service Providers to Know.” Written with the help of many sibs, this document is a collection of 20 great suggestions.
"How to Let Young Siblings Know You Care."  Written with the help of over 50 sibs, this documents decribes what parents, family members, and service providers can do to let young brothers and sisters know that they are special, valued, and acknowledged. 
 “I am Constantly Thinking About Bev’s Future” provides eye-opening insights into the concerns of older sibs.

Read books about sibling issues. 

Learn about our family of online groups so you can recommend them to the families you serve: SibTeen, Sib20 (for sibs ages 18-30), SibNet (for adult sibs), and SibGroup (for people running Sibshops). We even have a group just for grandparents of kids with special needs

Be one our angels! It’s tricky finding funding to support brothers and sisters. Your donations really help!

Join Us At One of Our Workshops or Training Events
The only way to become a first-generation Sibshop facilitator is to attend a two-day Sibshop training.

Even if you don't want to  become a Sibshop facilitator, you can join us for the first day for a lively and rewarding discussion of sibs' issues across the lifespan. 

Please know:
Registration costs are determined by the agencies hosting the workshops and trainings.  For information and to register, please contact these agencies directly. 

Below you'll find dates for upcoming Sibshop facilitator trainings and other sibling workshops.  If you'd like to discuss hosting a training in your community, please drop us a line at