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Our Books and Other Publications

Our Books:

Sibshops: Workshops for Siblings of Children with Special Needs  Don Meyer and Patricia Vadasy

Views from Our Shoes: Growing Up with a Brother or Sister with Special Needs.  Don Meyer

Living with a Brother or Sister with Special Needs: A Book for Sibs.  Don Meyer and Patricia Vadasy

The Sibling Survival Guide: Indispensable Information for Brothers and Sisters of Adults With Disabilities. Don Meyer and Emily Holl

The Sibling Slam Book: What It's Really Like To Have A Brother Or Sister With Special Needs.  Don Meyer

Thicker Than Water: Essays by Adult Siblings of People with Disabilities. Don Meyer (Kindle Edition)

Uncommon Fathers: Reflections on Raising a Child With a Disability. Don Meyer


Frequently Requested Papers:

What Siblings Would Like Parents and Service Providers to Know.  Don Meyer

How To Let Young Siblings Know That You Care. Don Meyer, Cristina Breshears, and Patrick Martin

I’m Constantly Thinking About Bev and Her Future: Siblings Speak About Aging.  Don Meyer

Supporting Siblings at School: Small Ways to Make a Big Difference for Siblings of Children with Disabilities. Don Meyer, Emily Holl


How To Let Young Siblings Know That You Care. Don Meyer, Cristina Breshears, and Patrick Martin

Other Books on Sibling Issues for Adult Readers:

Riding the Bus with My Sister: A True Life Journey.  Rachel Simon

Special Siblings: Growing Up With Someone with a Disability.  Mary McHugh

The Ride Together: A Brother and Sister's Memoir of Autism in the Family.  Paul Karasik and Judy Karasik

How to Be a Sister: A Love Story with a Twist of Autism.  Eileen Garvin

Being the Other One: Growing Up with a Brother or Sister Who Has Special Needs.  Kate Strohm

That Went Well: Adventures in Caring for My Sister.  Terrell Harris Dougan

Troubled Journey: Coming to Terms with the Mental Illness of a Sibling or Parent. Diane Marsh and Rex Dickens

Other Books on Siblng Issues for Younger Readers:

Tru Confessions.  Janet Tashjian

Are You Alone on Purpose?  Nancy Werlin

Al Capone Does My Shirts.  Gennifer Choldenko

Rules. Cynthia Lord

Wonder. R. J. Palacio

Fasten Your Seatbelt: A Crash Course on Down Syndrome for Brothers and Sisters  Brian Skotko and Susan Levine

We invite you to check out our list of recommended books for young siblings, compiled in partnership with the Children’s Health Resource Center at Advocate Children's Hospital in Park Ridge, IL. 

Join Us At One of Our Workshops or Training Events
The only way to become a first-generation Sibshop facilitator is to attend a two-day Sibshop training.

Even if you don't want to  become a Sibshop facilitator, you can join us for the first day for a lively and rewarding discussion of sibs' issues across the lifespan. 

Please know:
Registration costs are determined by the agencies hosting the workshops and trainings.  For information and to register, please contact these agencies directly. 

Below you'll find dates for upcoming Sibshop facilitator trainings and other sibling workshops.  If you'd like to discuss hosting a training in your community, please drop us a line at