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The Sibling Support Project

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Find a Sibshop Near You

The people listed in the Sibshop directory and their fellow Sibshop facilitators and administrators are our heroes: They care deeply about the concerns of young brothers and sisters. All of them have numerous other responsibilities but go the extra mile to assure that young brothers and sister have opportunities to meet their peers and discuss their common joys and concerns in an atmosphere that emphasizes play, discussion, wellness, and camaraderie.

Each of the following programs is a "registered Sibshop". This means that the Sibshop facilitators and administrators ascribe to the goals and spirit of the Sibshop model that is described in the Sibshop Standards of Practice. Only registered Sibshops may use the Sibshop name and logo.

If you are aware of a program calling itself Sibshop or a sound-alike name (e.g., Sib Shop) that is not listed below, we hope you will let us know. If you are a sibling program that is interest in becoming a registered Sibshop, we hope you will let us know this as well.

Finally, if you'd like to see where Sibshops can be found around the world, check out this cool Google map created by Libby Gondry, volunteer extraordinaire!

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