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The Sibling Support Project

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SibNet Yahoogroup and Facebook group for adult siblings

SibNet is the Internet's first and largest groups for adult brothers and sisters of people with special health, developmental, and emotional needs.

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Since 1996, SibNet has connected tens of thousands of sisters and brothers from around the globe with their peers, providing members with validation, information, and advice.  SibNet is also a remarkably warm, thoughtful, and informative community where young adult and adult brothers and sisters from around the world share information and discuss issues of common interest.  

SibNet is co-hosted by the Sibling Support Project and the Sibling Leadership Network.

SibNet now comes in two "flavors": The traditional Yahoogroup format and now on Facebook!

  • To subscribe to the SibNet on Yahoogroups, click here
  • To join SibNet on Facebook, click here

You're welcome to join either--or both!

SibNet is supported, in part, by generous contributions from its members.  Please support SibNet and other Sibling Support Project activities!



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