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SibParent--a yahoogroup just for parents

SibParent: A place where parents of kids with special needs can talk about their “other” kids.

On the Internet, there are hundreds of listservs where parents can talk about their kids who have special needs.  But there is only one listserv where parents can go to talk about their “other” kids!  SibParent, sponsored by the Sibling Support Project, is a new, innovative listserv where parents can discuss the joys and concerns experienced by their typically developing children. 

As many SibParent participants are also parents of kids who attend Sibshops, SibParent is also forum for parents who want to support the Sibshop movement.  (And in case Sibshops are new to you, they’re lively peer support and education programs for school-age sibs.  You can find much information about Sibshops here!)

Like the Sibling Support Project’s other listservs, SibParent is a warm, thoughtful community.  If you’re a parent who’s concerned about the well being of all your kids, we hope you’ll join us!

SibParent is hosted by Andrea Congdon, a mom of children with and without special needs and a Sibshop provider and enthusiast. 

Click here to join SibParent!

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