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A message for young brothers and sisters:

We're glad you've found us!  We think young sibs rock!

While you are on our website, here are few things you might want to check out:

Sibshops.  In case they’re new to you, Sibshops are really fun events for young sibs of kids with special needs.  There are almost 300 Sibshops so who knows?  There might be one near where you live.   No Sibshop in your area? You might want to help get one started by writing or calling us (at 206-297-6368).

Are you too "old" for the Sibshop in your community?  Most Sibshops have teen sibs who are junior facilitators.  Being a junior facilitator is a great way to help younger sibs--and junior facilitators say they get a lot out of it too.  (It is also a great way to work off those service-learning hours you need to graduate from high school!) 

SibKids is a yahoogroup (sometimes called a listserv) just for young sibs.  Join SibKids here and meet other young sibs from around the world!  SibKids members talk about their brothers and sisters, but they talk about other stuff too.

Read books by and about young sibs.  We have three: Views from Our Shoes (45 brief essays written by sibs ages 4-18); The Sibling Slam Book (written with the help of 80 teen sibs from four countries); and Living with a Brother or Sister with Special Needs Living with a Brother or Sister with Special Needs(which provides lots of information on various disabilities.  

While we’re proud of our books, there are other good books about sib issues for young readers.  Here’s a few of our favorites: Tru Confessions; Are You Alone on Purpose?; and Rules.  While there are number of sib-related movies out there (e.g., Benny and Joon, Rainman) everyone’s favorite seems to be What’s Eating Gilbert Grape? with Johnny Depp and Leonardo DiCaprio.  It’s our favorite too!  Learn about sib-related books and movies here.

Drop us a line, if you’d like!


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